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Ice Machines For Sale in Chattanooga, TN is committed to providing quality new or used equipment, parts and services for every commercial ice machine. Whatever your business may need, we have a wide selection of ice machines available and are more than willing to suggest equipment based on your needs. Our storage bins, ice machines, and dispensers provide you with quality ice according to your business needs and facilities. Hotels are expected to have ice machines for their guests’ convenience. We carry reliable machines that provide high-quality ice without faltering under the high demands of any hotel.
For hotels with bars and restaurants, we also have the equipment needed for the service industry. Schools, colleges, and universities require ice machines that can produce large quantities of ice during times of high turnover. We have ice machines for sale that will keep up with these demands and dispensers for self-service dining areas. For restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food establishments, our ice machines will help you display food items and create quality beverages. We offer ice dispensers for customer use and storage bins for wait staff or behind the bar. Counter space is valuable, so consider an under counter ice maker.
Under counter units allow you to produce and store ice while optimizing your workspace. A pellet ice maker can help maintain the consistency of blended beverages, while flake ice is perfect for salad bars and meat markets. For those customers who require equipment for multiple uses, our technicians and sales representatives can suggest the right machine for your need. We create customized solutions to fit your needs. We help you consider the quantity, purpose, and environment. Ice-O-Matic Product Guide.
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