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About Patriot Ice Systems - 
Chattanooga, TN

pellet ice maker Chattanooga, TN
Kendall Ray and Aaron Parker have been working in the pellet ice maker & ice machine industry for over 35 years, serving Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.

We offer new and used ice machines for sale, ice machines for lease, and repairs to your existing machine. We emphasize quality equipment, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable service for every customer.
Our technicians provide repair on cube and pellet ice makers!
At Patriot Ice Systems, we pride ourselves in providing local service, so our customers receive timely service and repairs with an individualized experience. Every time you call us, you speak to one of our technicians directly instead of an automated system or waiting for the next available representative. Receive undivided attention from us when you call regarding ice machines for sale and lease or ice machine repair.
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